Sunday, August 21, 2011

recipe : starberry-mint bellini

My favorite meal is brunch. It's not a common meal for a week, so whenever I host a brunch of eat with the fam, I like to go all out. Usually I think of all the fruits, pastries, eggs that I need, but end up forgetting about the grand spirits. Nothing is more exciting than starting off your lazy Sunday brunch with a cocktail, right?

This recipe combines the sweet and tart flavor of the citrus and freshness of the mint. A bellini is not that common for a brunch in comparison to the infamous mimosa or bloody mary, but it definitely does the trick. A bellini is made with a bottle of prosecco, an Italian dry white sparkling wine. It's aromatic, crisp and sweet. 

If you have kids joining the party, use sparkling water instead of prosecco. Easy substitution! 

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