Thursday, September 15, 2011

bit of life ♥ making new friends

Since I started blogging on c&é, I've had overwhelming support from the blogging community, friends and family! Aside from getting another 60 twitter followers, I've had a massive amounts of emails from other bloggers that share the same passion as me! The emails are words of encouragement, and it keeps me going.

If you haven't had this experience, it's definitely one-of-a-kind. You know when you were younger, the feeling the night before your birthday? You end up tossing and turning the entire night, and the moment the clock hits 12:00, you throw on the biggest grin of the whole year. Try feeling that every single night right before you go to bed. I am a source of inspiration for people, and there is nothing that makes you feel better.

As I was reading through my blog roll on bloglovin, I noticed a few posts telling me I was invited to a party! I can't pass up a virtual party. I ended up at The Pink & Blue Blog and The Fresh Exchange. Two that I follow closely, and am always inspired by. Both, Katie and Megan, became close friends from blogging. Each from their corner of the US, they realized that they had so much in common, yet so much to learn from one another. After much collaboration, they realized that they wanted to share this friendship with everyone else. A way to connect people with all kinds of ideas, tips and secrets. Thus, they started Blog Brunch! A sweet virtual brunch with everyone who has something to share and/or eager to learn more!

Once a month on Saturday mornings, I will be accompanying my new blogger friends for a blog brunch to share tips and tricks to help each other out! This will be done through twitter, hash tagged with #blogbrunch! Who knows, maybe in the near future we can have a little rendezvous without the computers and with pitchers of mimosas!

So two things you should get from this: Katie and Megan are amazing and you can pencil in the first blog brunch for October 1st!


  1. Amazing! Thank you so much for the kind words!!!


  2. I love this idea and am so glad I cam across Blog Brunch! Definitely joining in. You have a lovely blog, the design is beautiful

  3. Aw thanks Jaclyn! I love your blog and your outfits! Will definitely be following


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