{weekend note}

I had one of those weeks that needed to be mended by some good hard liquor. Not only did it rain for a good six days. Not just summer showers, romantic kind of rain. I’m talking about humid, I didn’t go outside for six days kind of rain. To make things even more entertaining for my life, I started reading the summer reading for graduate school, which has not been fun. It’s been all theories of international relations, political philosophies, dates and definitions. So just picture all of that for a second, coupled with an extreme case of terrible skin outbreak [I’ll spare you the details].

Also, this week has really given me a taste of what my life will probably be like for the next year, if not several years. I wake up early to work out. Like unconventionally early. Do some of my normal blogger related things like updating Facebook and Twitter with the new daily post, read the news paper as I have breakfast [somewhere in there is also my shower], do my grad school related things and readings. Break times are always productive with either watching an Arabic soap [for my language enrichment], or something related to grad school administrative preparation. At 7pm is when I eat, then I get to blogging after dinner. Lots going on and I’m sure my life will be consumed with this. Sadly, I find it entertaining. True life : I’m a part time blogger.

On the upside, I’ve got a few good news. For one thing, I’ve got an even that I’m headed to at West Elm today! If you’re in the Central Florida area, please stop by! This will be a nice escape from the reading I’ve been doing all week. I’m also testing recipes this weekend! Usually I don’t say that much with enthusiasm, but we’re testing only desserts. This is going to be a good weekend people. Any plans for you this weekend?

♫♪ Happy Pills by Norah Jones

Truly glamourous and organic.

Another home by a favorite designer.

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Grad school stress calls for yoga.

* * *
five essentials in a clutch for a night out.

Fashion for Home.

An addition to the recipe index, an in-house favorite shrimp gumbo.

Owls, patterns and horn.

DIY gold capped heels.

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Quite revolutionary in American politics.

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Video : Not-So-Crazy in Tehran.

Ancient Kitchen in China.

Paris Men’s Runway.

  • Supal, I'm so impressed by your dedication & self-discipline! Reading about how you've structured your day makes me want to do the same. I sorta miss the routine 🙂

  • Happy weekend to you — I hope you have time to fit in some relaxation. 🙂

  • debra@dustjacketattic

    Wow you have it going on..love the pic.

  • Good for you getting your reading done! Somehow I always find it hard to settle down & be as productive as I want in the summer- trying to change that this year before I got back to school. At least for me I'm teaching it & not having to learn it!

    Hope you had some fun time too this weekend!