Saturday, June 9, 2012

{weekend note}


♫♪ Sausade Fez un Samba by Joao Gilberto

Can I just preface this weekend note with one thing and one thing only? I love the blogging community. Gosh, who knew people that you only know by their first names and twitter handles can be such self-less people. It's been one week since I've accepted my spot at St. Andrews, and it has brought on a bit of difficult since I was initially preparing for London. Not the city, but the school. The program I was accepted to in London was also widely different than the one at St. Andrews. So I've basically started preparing all over again with little time. Three months from now I'll be in grad school, but those three months will fly by. With all the stress accumulating, I am happy to say that my head has not burst and the tension has almost subsided.

I just wanted to thank you all for the congratulatory wishes! My day is brightened up by all the sweet emails and tweets and comments. I can't even help cheesing. Not only do I appreciate these warm wishes, but a few of you have reached out with either connections, tips and even offered to help with my move to Scotland! These moments are the reason why I tell people, "yes, I may not get paid to blog, but it's pretty stellar. You just don't understand." So, thank you.

Onto this weekend. I've got a handful of projects going on. One being grilling out with my dad. We've been testing heaps of recipes to serve to you on the blog. Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at all four supermarkets in our 5 mile radius. We then worked on glazes and sauces and spice rubs, and today we will see our work from yesterday in action. Also, I've got some photographing to do this weekend, which inevitably goes hand-in-hand with editing. Finally, I've got a few DIY projects I've been meaning to try so I can share them with you. Busy weekend is a happy weekend [to me at least].

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  1. LOVEE Dior!! Happy weekend to you!

  2. RichardLAndersonJune 9, 2012 at 1:32 PM

  3. I'm in love with Mad Men right now, and that article on Mary Wells Lawrence is very interesting, great find! 


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