recipe : maple-cinnamon mini pecan pies

Everyone has a favorite part of the meal when it comes to Thanksgiving. For my brother, it’s the meat. My mom loves the sweet potato casserole. My dad just wants to fill his plate with everything. I strategically eat my core dinner with dessert in mind. My favorite is always the pies. Not pumpkin, although I do love pumpkin pie, I love the pecan pies. I love the warm, gooey feeling against the crunchy toasted pecans. All so satisfying. 
Since pecan pie recipes thrive on the big word wide web, I thought I would change things up a bit and serve you something different. Maple-cinnamon pecan pie. And miniature ones to add to that. If you’re going sweet, why not go all in and add some maple and cinnamon to the mix?
So tell me, what is your favorite part of the meal?
This recipe was adapted from Bon Appetite
Click on the image to enlarge the recipe.
Print on a 3 x 5 index card setting and store with the rest of your recipes!
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  • Maria Morley

    YUM! This sounds completely delicious! My sister-in-law makes a wonderful Bourbon Pecan Pie…very, very good. :-) Thanks so much for sharing this recipe with us, friend! And your photograph is gorgeous! xo