recipe : spiced cajun mussels

I’m slightly obsessed with the seafood here in Scotland. In all kinds of types and forms. The fish and chips are by far the best I’ve had and only 30 minutes from me is the best fish and chips in the world. Then there is the mackerel pate. I should not have to explain the happiness that ensues when eaten with little oatie crackers. Then there is the smoked salmon, the haddock, the mussels. I could go on. So this recipe is dedicated to all the Scottish fisheries out there, you do one heck of a job!
PS – I opted for a fresh rosemary the first time around, but I think it is a bit overpowering. I would highly suggest the dried rosemary.
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  • we♥home

    Im such a huge fan of mussels – normally in the french style with chips! This looks delicious though. Will definitely be giving this a go when I have holiday over xmas. Thanks Supal!

    Trisha Xx

  • abucco10

    Mussels are one of my favorite seafood dishes. This looks amazing!

    The Glossy Life

  • Maria Morley

    Yum! My husband, his family, and I love mussels! This is a Christmas tradition at his house, and we usually eat them with a good Italian red sauce. But I am going to pass this recipe along to my mother-in-law because it sounds (and looks!) amazing! Thanks for sharing! xo

  • Stephanie

    I love mussels! Gorgeous photos!