Friday, November 2, 2012

vogue : a bit of fall

IMG_3630 IMG_3628
IMG_3626  IMG_3635 IMG_3636

blouse: H&M
belt: Banana Republic
necklace: Forever 21
shoes: H&M
pants: Ann Taylor

You thought I was going to leave you with just a sponsored post today, didn't you? Well, I thought I would surprise you mid-day with an outfit post. It's been too long, my friends. I will admit that fall came and gone in St. Andrews. The trees are already bare and most of the leaves are just a brown-yellow hue and ready for winter. This doesn't mean I'm ready for winter. It's already cold here and it's going to get colder?! 

I've been cooped up in my room and will be for the rest of the weekend working on a 2-hour presentation and a 20-page paper that is due on Monday. Any big plans for you?

See you Monday and I have some exciting content to share next week that you really don't want to miss. Here's a hint: Scottish men.


  1. you look great! have a good weekend...well a least a few hours of happy..

  2. Can't wait to hear all the gossip next week! And, ooh, la, look beautiful! Love that color on you!:)

  3. Lovely outfit, Supal! That peplum top looks great on you, and I love the leopard print belt!


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