Friday, November 16, 2012

vogue : leather jacket


black jeans : H&M
shirt : J. Crew
leather jacket : Wilson's Leather
nails : rouge fatal by chanel
shoes : Steve Madden {old}

Instead of talking a bit about the outfit and what drew its inspiration, I thought I would use this moment to share my time here in school so far. Grad school, my friends, is emotionally and physically draining. I mean, why wasn't I told this before?! I have had a rough few weeks and have yet another rough few weeks ahead of me. Then I'll be off for winter break for a month! I think I'll need the month to get away from the small bubble that is St. Andrews. I'm not complaining, just exhausted, but all your tweets, emails and comments have really been an escape for me.

Actually I was talking about this yesterday with a friend. I'm often asked here why I blog and when I have the time. I often preface my answer with, "well I don't have the time." But continue to share the the fact that it's my way of escaping school and sometimes... er... schoolmates. Bloggers and readers are genuine, sweet and always have your back. That's why I blog, and that's why I make myself find the time to blog.

{ps} I'm not sure why I look angry in these photos. But I definitely don't mean to be!


  1. You are one stylish grad student! Grad school is intense....but force yourself to pause and enjoy the people and madness around you. It goes by real quick....

  2. it IS intense but I bet you're kicking it's butt more than it's kicking yours :)


  4. You don't even look the least bit run down! Love the outfit. Keep your head and spirits up -- you're almost there!

  5. You don't look angry -- you look fabulous! And radiant! :-) Love the outfit, and love that you make time to blog for us. I'm happy that you'll have a whole month off from school -- that will definitely be nice. I can't believe you've already been there for almost an entire semester! <3

  6. You're looking FAB dahling, FAB! Super fierce with that jacket and I love the pop of leopard.

    Is it weird that sometimes I miss the intensity of grad school? I've even found myself missing writing research papers.

    I'm such a nerd. sick.


  7. Love the jacket! Sorry you've been so stressed and tired, I can't even imagine going back to school full time. You've almost made it through the semester though! Woohoo!

  8. If by angry you mean smokin'! Love the outfit posts :)


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