Monday, November 12, 2012

vogue : winter chic

So, I've been finding it pretty challenging to dress myself in this brutally cold and wet winter here in Scotland. I was not prepared for this, totally kidded myself before I left and it's about to get worse. I decided to do some perusing through some old pins and favorite tumblrs to get some inspiration and I came up with a few ideas to keep the heat alive with the winter closet. 

For someone who despises pants and doesn't own many, I think tights are the best to go. Not leggings, although I'm not totally against them, but tights to wear under dresses and skirts. It's a great way of being able to incorporate the rest of your closet. I have solid black, opaque, different colors, polka dots [super parisian!], lace and herringbone. You can also try some wool ones! They are a great way of adding texture and color.

{neutral + pop}
Most of the outfits on the street here are fairly... bland. Mostly grays and blacks. Try to incorporate some pop of color. Either a bright scarf or handbag. My favorite way of adding some pop is with lipstick! I've got red and hot pink that I think will do the trick. 

{uptown girl}
Speaking of bland, try to incorporate all kinds of colors. Try to create a color palette with some daring colors and stick with it from head to toe! 

{classic coat}
If you only have a few jackets, as I do here, try to jackets that are completely different from one another. One can have a Jackie O. overlap collar, another with an egg shape bottom, a bold color on another. It's a great way of incorporating more silhouettes.

I do have matching scarves and gloves for each jacket, but sometimes if you find a pair of gloves or a ear muffs on sale, pick 'em up. You can re-accessorize your winter wear.

I would love to hear any and all of your tips! Add them in the comments!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Really inspiring!
    Love that first outfit!


  2. layer! layer layer layer - that's my advice :)

  3. Down puffy coat. They're coming back in, and with a little faux fur accents and a big gold belt (mine is cream), I was warm!

    Double scarves - one neutral and one a pop color!

    Also - layers you can't see. I have so many cute slips and other necessities that made me feel secretly pretty but also warm!

  4. This post is coming at a great time for me S! It's starting to get cold here in California...FINALLY! And yesterday when I threw my peacoat on, I felt like I was getting thrown back into my frumpy winter know...jeans, peacoat, sweater...nothing spectacular...bleh even. So this is the year...the year that I don some tights and skirts! hehe, no more Mrs. Frumpy for me! Great post! Gonna go shopping now...don't tell the hubbs =P

  5. Girl. Get yourself some pants, stat!

    I layer all the time, and I favor many thin layers over one big sweater + pants. I like thin camisole, lacy camisole, thin tissue tshirt, long sleeve tshirt on top of that, cardigan on top of that, jeans with leggings underneath if it's really cold. Fitted down parka, a great hat, and a big warm scarf. That's the formula I used when I went to NYC at Christmas time in the snow. I was warm, I think I still looked cute. If I got too warm I just peeled off a layer.

  6. I just adore winter clothing and these are all great tips! My favorite cold weather pieces are definitely boots and scarves.. and lipstick of course. Fabulous and so cozy!

    Two Leaf Clover

  7. These are all great pictures. The one of the couple on the bicycle is so fun:)



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