bit of life : 12 in 12

Oh gosh, last year’s reflection was so hard for me to write. I was in a dark, confusing place and didn’t know how to get out. But this year, I’ve got a few exciting little things to share too in this year’s reflection. I’ll first cover my 2012 words [instead of resolutions] and then expand from there!
{12} I have truly grown into a woman. I always considered myself a child. Oh, my parents will handle it. Daddy’s got it! This year really made me realize that I have grown into an independent woman. I was always a bit independent, but only with the help of my dad really. He held my hand when I needed it and sometimes I didn’t even need it. Now that my parents come to me for advice, I’m able to make my own decisions, and solve my own problems-I feel like I’ve grown.
{11} I think I struggled with relaxing a bit at times. I think the preparation of graduate school coupled with preparing for my big move from the States and the blog got me a bit overwhelmed at times. I did take time, however, to relax. I forced myself to turn off the laptop, put aside the newspaper, and leave my room. I would go for long walks, listen to jazz with a cup of tea and didn’t stress about the little things. 
{10} I believe balance went hand-in-hand with relaxing. I spent time pampering myself. Weekly [in home] manicures and pedicure, facials, conditioning treatments. It was a nice escape. I even unsubscribed to a few of the political blogs and replaced them with a DIY blog. It’s the little things that brings balance and eases your life, right?  
{9} I explored Spain for a month on my own! I went from Madrid to Barcelona to the outskirts of Madrid and then ended my trip in the south. I completely immersed myself in the culture through cuisine, food, music. I made lasting friendships of fellow backpackers and enjoyed every moment of it. It was a nice getaway and I was completely refreshed and inspired to get back to new and pending project at home. 
{8} I took advantage of my time off from work before graduate school to read. I re-read a lot of the literary classics, a few biographies and even some plays. It was a nice escape from what I was reading at work and school and it drove my creativity.
{7} I volunteered my time and energy. When you’re working, your life is at rapid speed. I sometimes feel as if I live in this bubble where the minutes go by thirty seconds faster and the next thing I know I’m falling asleep hours before my alarm is supposed to go off. With the time off I had, I volunteered my time at different charity benefits and events, interned with a photographer [who was actually seeking help and I got to learn in return], and was able to help my parents with all their renovation projects. In the end I got to learn so much: how charitable organizations work, how to use my canon t3i, and how to put down hardwood floors.
{6} I expanded c&é. Last time I was writing this reflection, the blog was only 4 months old. I had no direction and wasn’t sure what was going to happen once I got accepted to grad school, packed my bags, and left. Since then, I’ve come to learn how to manage my time to accomodate my studies and my blog. On top of that, c&é has grown into a place where friends come together to discuss parties, fashion and design. My goal for next year is to have it as a forum for people to interact! 
{5} I have gotten healthier. I claimed in last year’s reflection that I wasn’t as healthy as I would like. Since then, I have taken great care of myself. I have focused on all natural foods and a well balanced diet. Exercise has become a natural daily routine, where I also have days that I challenge myself to work a little harder. I also have taken on yoga to calm my nerves right before bed. It’s surprising to see such great transformations from just exercise and a clean diet! 
{4} I’ve become more creative. This may be something of an obvious one, but if you knew exactly the type of field I am in, you would know that it is not creative at all. The fact that I have a lifestyle blog blows people’s minds in my field and I think learning the intricacies of photography and design is quite impressive for someone whose good with Middle East politics.
{3} I’ve shared a lot of my knowledge. I have had the pleasure with working with people who wanted to learn basic beginners Arabic, some general photography tips and even some cooking! Sharing knowledge is such a powerful concept because you’re able to be hands on and really share your experience! 
{2} I’ve expanded in the culinary field. I’ve tried new forms of roasting, perfected the macaron, tried of different corners of the world and can now use a knife like an iron chef. Need I say more?
{1} The biggest thing I’ve accomplished this year is forgiving people. I’ve shut people out of my life and wouldn’t even let them try to get back in. It’s always hard though, to lose a friend and sometimes even distant yourself from a family member. This year, I’ve done my best and I’ve succeeded with forgiving people.

What are some of your reflections from 2012? If you have written a post on it on your blog, please share the links in the comments! Here’s to many, many more great things for 2013. 
Happy new year, my friends.
  • Joy Uyeno

    It sounds like you accomplished a lot in this year — even more than the huge accomplishment of completing your first semester in a very challenging graduate program. Cheers to you! And the great thing is that the best is yet to come. Happy New Year, Supal! xo

  • Fel

    hi friend! i love your reflections–i think we had somewhat of a similar year :) i'm looking forward to reading more of your blog and hearing about your adventures. good luck with everything! xx fel

  • Supal

    Thanks love! I am also VERY thrilled you've joined art to inspo! I look forward to interacting with you :)

  • Supal

    Joy, you are TOO sweet :) Yes, I'm very thrilled with completing my first semester. It was incredibly challenging, but that's all the more reason to have fun this break, right? :)