holiday gift guide : daddy

My dad is quite the opposite of my mom when it comes to presents. He never expresses what he likes or dislikes and to be honest, all dads are probably difficult to shop for. I’ve done the round of golf, silk tie, beer of the month presents. There is just one thing he does love and that’s a nice kit of something, which I’ve included below.
Though the commercials claim that this is an evening scent, I think the subtly of the lavender can also make it an office scent. It’s such a unique smell and I’m sure my dad would love it. Actually, sadly he’ll put on any cologne my mom and I give him so it’s time for a new bottle. 
So my dad shaves the very few strands of hair he has on his head and really tries to keep trim. With all his work related traveling, this is something he could definitely use.
Again, with all the traveling I think this would be quite appropriate. I’m not sure about how you feel, but I tend to never invest in travel gear. I mean I do purchase nice suitcases, but little things like a lether tie holder? I wouldn’t even imagine.
Did I mention my dad liked kits of all kinds? He actually shines his shoes before parties and other like events, so a real shoe shining kit would be a nice change now. 
I might end up giving these to my dad. He kind of has terrible taste in music, bless him. And we never want to listen to anything he wants to listen to, but I think a pair of really nice headphones will motivate him to not keep his music to himself, but enjoy his music.
  • Richelle

    This is a great list also for my father-in-law. I love the shaving kit.