bit of life : 2013 in words

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Right before we rang in the new year, I composed a reflection of all that I believe well encompassed 2012. From my reflection, I always see what I’m lacking and therefore instead of coming up with new year’s resolution, I think new year’s words are more appropriate. This way I can live these words in any way I want and don’t have to worry about the limitations of resolutions. If you’re interested, check out my words from last year!
My biggest issue at home and the workplace is being able to trust someone. Someone to run an errand, make a copy, pick up a prescription. The simplest and littlest things, I can’t have someone do it because I simply don’t trust them. It’s not that I don’t want them to do it or I feel bad for delegating work, I just think that I will end up accomplishing the way I want and thus be happier with it. I know that has been a major point of concern in past relationships and friendships and it is something I should rectify because creating a family is about trust and it is the perfect foundation. 
I am a thrill-seeker, that is quite obvious when I share some of my travel stories with you. I just feel like in reality, when it comes to my career and personal life, I tend to follow the books. Like strictly follow the books. I sometimes feel as if I develop anxiety if I don’t follow rules and regulations and wish I was a bit more relaxed. That may help with the fact that most times, during the work day, I’m all business and no fun. This is something I started noticing while I started studying at St. Andrews. I just need to loosen up and take some risks.
I know most of us are never content with our lives. We’re striving to do something just little bit more. I know that I am in a great position in my life. Great education, career, prospects, etc, but I’m never content with what I have. I want more and want to do more. That promotion, that extra credit. I just feel like I never stop, at all. So I need to come to terms with what I have sometimes and let the boat sail on it’s own before I start back up again.
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    I don't really take risks either, though I'm certainly not all work. I very much stick to my comfort zone & I've been trying to be better! Definitely something to work on for the new year.