five essentials : to storing spices & herbs

I think the biggest problem with most of us in the kitchen is the part where we store our spices and herbs. These little pieces of flavor are very delicate and must be cared for to get the maximum flavor and use. But before we begin, I thought I would share one thing first. Never ever purchase spices and herbs in bulk. You will understand why below…
Use clear containers, like mason jars. This way you can easily see inside and will refrain from opening the bottle more than you have to. The more you open your bottle, the more exposure to outside air. This could easily distort the flavor and reduce shelf life.
Store all your herbs and spices in a dark, cool place. The ideal place would be a pantry with a door that can be shut. If you don’t have the luxury of a pantry, a cabinet will do. Spices lose freshness in direct sunlight and even heat. {Also, storing sesame seeds in the freezer is the best.}
The reason why you shouldn’t purchase spices and herbs in bulk is because it will inevitably lose its vibrant color and even taste. Depending on the quality of the spice or herb, they should be replaced every six months to one year.
To make your life easier, no effect to the life of spices, store all your baking spices together. This includes cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ground ginger, and anything else. I also have my vanilla extract close by too.
Premixed dried herb seasonings like Italian seasoning or herbes de provence should be purchased stored in small burlap pouches. Not only does it look rustic, but it will prevent it from getting too salt for sitting on your shelf.