live to create : big bow hairband

After seeing this photo of Natalie Portman, I instantly fell in love with her hair. I’ve shared this a few times on c&é, but thought I would reiterate and preface this tutorial with : I love headbands and wore them everyday during my final year in college. I reached for my inner Blair Waldorf, so naturally when I saw this photo, I knew I had to try this look.
{you will need}
black satin ribbon
plain black head band
all purpose crafting glue
IMG_2654 IMG_2655
Measure out a strand of ribbon to however big you want your bow to be. You can measure, or eyeball this by taking the end of the ribbon and folding it in to what you deem the center may be. Cut the ribbon and over lap the ends of the ribbon and secure with glue so you have a loop.
Create another loop, but slightly smaller than the first. The second loop will sit on top of the first so you can measure according to however you would like your bow to look.
IMG_2657 IMG_2658
Cut another piece of ribbon, but smaller so it can be wrapped around your bow and headband.
Glue all the pieces. First, take the large loop and place just a bit of glue on the spot where the edges meet on the inside. Then glue that to the opposite side of the loop so it creates a figure eight. Repeat with the small loop. Finally, glue the centers of the two figure eights together so that the small sits on top of the bigger.
IMG_2660 IMG_2661
Take that partial bow, add a bit of glue at the bottom in the middle. Glue it to the middle of the headband [or on the side if you prefer].
Add glue to the middle of the partial bow at the top. Take the smallest piece of ribbon cut in the third method and place the center perpendicularly and wrap the ends to the inside of the headband. Glue the edges of that small piece to the headband. Let it dry for 20 minutes.

Since I have black hair, I may have to dry this out in gold.
What do you think?

  • Nikki Rappaport

    How fun! I’m still obsessed with bow headbands a-la-Blair-Waldorf and this is no exception!

  • How fun! I'm still obsessed with bow headbands a-la-Blair-Waldorf and this is no exception!