Thursday, January 31, 2013

parties & entertaining : dinner and a movie


My favorite kind of films and literature has always been of those portraying strong, talented women. Frida expresses just that plus more through this vibrant film about the artist, Frida Kahlo. Her life is chronicled through metaphors, art and culture.  Through an uncanny lens this film focuses on Kahlo's art and how it depicts her life through each stroke. Such a strong set film and you will be overwhelmingly inspired by Frida's drive and compassion despite all the set backs.


The film is set in Mexico, which makes the meal quite obvious. Though the vibrance and colors are such an important factor in this film I like to have a menu that matches just that. If you're looking for beautiful flowers to decorate, I would choose various colors of carnations. They are clearly underestimated.


I would start by placing hefty bowls of tomatillo salsa and some of my homemade salsa on the coffee table accompanied by tortilla chips. I will start the stove to reheat the entree. After having a margarita or two and a few servings of chips and salsa, I would bring out bowls of the entree, chicken tortilla soup. Perhaps, after we have a few bowls of soup, maybe nibble on some chips and have a final margarita we're ready for some dessert. As I slightly warm up the capirotada, or mexican bread budding, I would get scoops of ice cream out on a plate because I do love ice cream with bread pudding.

What is your favorite Mexican entree?

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  1. This would be a fun theme night! I've never seen this movie either so it would give me a great chance!




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