recipe : fava bean stew

Sure, Scotland is adorned in history and drenched with natural beauty. It’s difficult to hate a place that is so cold and rainy, right? As much as I love living here, cooking has been one big test to my abilities. As a country with three seasons: colder, colder and coldest; and coupled with the fact that I spent a great deal of my life in Florida, fresh fruits and vegetables are difficult to come by.

The grocery store covers an array of root vegetables, most notably potatoes and cabbage. An assortment of the two that I did not know even existed! From this, I had to learn the basics of dressing up a potato and beans and the like in different ways. This is my first of many failed attempts at bringing root vegetables to life!

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  • we♥home

    MMMMm looks delicioso! and healthy :)

    Might cook this for my Veggie flat mate!

  • McKenna Ryan

    This looks oh so yummy! I love stew! xx. McKenna Lou