recipe : shrimp and roasted bell pepper-bacon grits


Now that the holidays are officially behind us, we can get back into the routine of things, right? It’s always difficult to leave the holiday spirit behind. I mean I’m still on winter break, but when Christmas trees are down, your mailbox is full of bills instead of holiday cards, you’re putting away your heels from new years eve, and you’ve eaten the last candy cane… it’s time to get back to work. My glucose level is overwhelmingly beyond a comfortable state and I think it’s time to start putting together savory comfort food together.
I know this is terrible to say, but sometimes I feel a a bit of relief when the holidays are over. We always try to go above and beyond during the holidays and sometimes it’s just time to relax. Insert my recipe today, comfort food at its finest. It’s spicy and savory, to mend the overindulgence of sweets. 
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  • Hi Supal! Happy New Year! I so totally agree with your words here. My glucose level is also out of control and my pants are feeling a bit too snug. This recipe is perfectly appropriate. Love the image of the roasted red pepper 🙂

    xx. Holly