Monday, February 11, 2013

parties & entertaining : a valentine tea party

I believe Valentine's Day is one of my favorite Hallmark holidays of all time. Not only do you get to celebrate the romance and love with your honey, but of course, you get to celebrate friendship. I'm one for having a gift Valentine's night in with lots of sweet treats and wine and good romantic comedy. This week I thought I would celebrate Valentine's day week on the blog! 

* * *

{set up the table}
Arrange a pastel pink table cloth over a long table and place pipe cleaners, craft scissors, construction paper, glitter, colored pens and glue, an assortment of yarns and ribbons and whatever else your crafting heart desires.

{tasty tea time treats}
Valentine is the sweetest holiday of all. Be sure to have los of cookies and pastries as well as chocolate and some of our other sugary favorite candy treats. Cheese plates accompanied with figs and almonds are the perfect savory alongside some of the sweeter eats.

{put on your most precious outfit}
Pick something with lots of bright pinks and pastels. My favorite outfit is this one by Blair. Or you can go more casual with this look by Kendi. You can never go wrong with a simple daytime dress with a cardigan.

{for your valentines}
Remember, you may not see many of your invited friends until after Valentines, so be sure to give them a little treat. My favorite is this treat bag by Camille!

* * *
Isn't this the prettiest tea party you have ever seen? This Valentine's Week will be comprised of a gift guide, free printouts and of course a valentine from me to you! So stay tuned.

* * *


  1. omg! This looks like something out of a fairytale! Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine's week :) Xx. Holly.


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