recipe : {the easiest} homemade pasta

You know what I noticed immediately once I started cooking? I found myself not purchasing ready made foods and instead trying to make things from scratch. For instance, hummus. I could easily just purchase a small container of hummus from the local deli, but lets complicate life a bit and make it ourselves. It’s not the same satisfaction now, is it? 
I knew perfecting an easy pasta recipe was going to induce that same satisfaction motivation the hummus did. I just knew it, but I couldn’t help but try it out. What do you know, I found making pasta was just as easy as purchasing a box. Lets be honest, you get lost in all the shapes and sizes too. This was my first time making pasta and will definitely not be the very last. Just two ingredients, that everyone has, in the food processor and through the pasta maker. There you go, friends. Pasta. Homemade satisfactory pasta. 
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  • Meli (Blush + Jelly)

    This is the same recipe that I use at home! Even though it's a little time consuming, I do love making my very own pasta! Think it's time to make a batch. 🙂