five essentials : how to mix & match your crockery

I can’t wait for the day when I have my own place again. My own crockery, and separate dishes for food photos. I tend to walk around anthropologie and put together sets of crockery of all different colors and patterns. And I’m actually envious of Meli of Blush & Jelly who has a great collection of kitchenware from anthro. 
Here are a few tips on how to remix your crockery for a bold, new look every time.
Mix and combine colors based on season so you’re working with a unique palate. For example, for autumn hues work with deep purples, burnt orange and sea blue.
For a seasonal dinner party.
If you want to go for a monochromatic look, try something with different patterns. From stripes to chevrons to other simple prints in the same color will make monochromatic look more lively. 
For a luncheon with the girls.
splash of color
My favorite kind of table setting is something with a splash of color. For example, a black and cream with a punch of green makes a table look fresh and adds depth. Try to keep this setting at a minimum of three colors. 
For a family dinner.
Many of us love floral print for a more glamorous and chic look. Just like the monochromatic/pattern table, stick with similar colors. Pick a particular item on the table like a teacup set and work around that. 
For a bridal shower.
For something more eclectic and unique, like above, layer mugs, bowls and vases in bold patterns and motifs. Either stick with two patterns and a single seasonal themed color palette.
For a dinner with the neighbors.
* * *
  • Alexa Nicole

    That photo is so beautiful! I want all of those dishes!

  • Meli (Blush + Jelly)

    Glad to know that someone appreciates my growing collection of Anthro kitchenware! Nick usually complains about it. Haha! Now I want to start a new collection of plates and flatware to leave the table set at all times. 😉

  • I'm completely envious! Don't be surprised if I steal them all 🙂