five essentials : on storing jewelry

With all my traveling and recent move to Scotland, I consider myself a bit of a expert on jewelry safekeeping and storage. I thought I would share my five essentials on the essence of jewelry keeping. 

{store in a jewelry box}
I think this is the most obvious one. Storing jewelry in a jewelry box is perfect for organization, keeping everything in one place and preventing yourself from losing anything. It’s always a bit pesky when you lose an earring and have only the other half right before you’re off to a meeting or drinks with friends. Along with this idea, a case to store your jewelry would be ideal for travel too.

{keep similar metals together}
People fail to realize this is very important. When I travel I often have two jewelry travel cases, for silver and gold. Sure it may take up a bit more space than usual, but it helps metals from tarnishing and rusting too quickly. This is also the case when storing jewelry in your home. As for pearls, I would store it will whatever the base metal is made up of.

{preventing tangles}
Dainty little necklaces always tend to leave dainty little tangles. I like to store these type of necklaces on a wider space with either buttoned or elasticated compartments like this one. Prevent tangles and anything from breaking. This will also keep the quality of the metal intact. 

{keep away from light and air}
I know there are so many little jewelry stands and hangars, but exposure to the sun and air tends to damage the quality of the jewelry. This is especially the case with fashion jewelry. Sometimes for organization purposes, I keep a jewelry stand out just so I can lay out my jewelry for the next day.

{rotate jewelry}
Obviously the best way to keep jewelry from getting ruined is to rotate it out and make sure you wear it. I think my problem, as most of us, is that I get so obsessed with one necklace or pair of earrings that I keep wearing it. Spice up your life a bit, and rotate!
So, tell me, what are some of your jewelry keeping tips? 
* * *
All photographs taken by yours truly.