parties & entertaining : an elegant saint patrick’s day party

I’ve always want to host a Saint Patrick’s Day dinner. Partly because I love a good reason to come together, but also it’s a bit of a challenge to do it with grace and elegance. Most of the St. Patrick’s Day parties I’ve gone to and received invitations for were during college or post-college, but the same kind of atmosphere. Since I will not be hosting one this year, while being in school and living in a small flat/dorm, I thought I would share a few details on how I would run the show. 
Since St. Patrick’s day is during the early spring, it’s nice to have a new earthy and organic atmosphere. Focusing on simplicity, but without losing sophistication. It would be important to have dim lighting and decor inspired with spring branches. You can DIY this driftwood candle holder to capture exactly what I’m verbally illustrating.
Since we’re going for softer colors and dark brown wood is the dark color of choice, I would go with a combination of white tulips and bell flowers in the bouquet and clovers for accents in the decor. Personally, I think clovers are a must. Don’t you think?
As mentioned, I would use driftwood against lovely tulips and bell flowers. In materials, I would use the same juxtaposition. With burlap table runners and placemats and velvet deep green ribbons to tie the utensils on a plain white dish towel as a table napkin.
{menu + drinks}
 For drinks, you can’t go wrong with Guinness beer and a spiked apple cider. If this is a luncheon I would definitely include these irish soda scones alongside a maple-balsamic reduction. For dinner, I naturally would have to make this salmon with cabbage and cider vinegar. Finally, ending dinner with a rhubarb-ginger crumble and Irish coffee.
  • This is so gorgeous–I love how it's not gimmicky, but classic and elegant!