recipe : mediterranean watercress panzanella

Spring is here, which means summer is around the corner. As much as I want to get into shape for the bikini season, I can’t get myself to get rid of all things warm and comforting in my diet. Especially bread. A panzanella is the perfect way to cheat the system and ease my way to healthier choices.

Here are some tips to make your salad more exciting. First, change up your routine! You don’t have to use all the same vegetables, throw in a fruit or omit the carrots once in a while. Second, find three to four different salad dressings to rotate. You can find c&é’s favorites here! Third, use fresh herbs. I had no idea how much more enjoyable green dishes can be with some fresh basil, parsley or mint.

If you have any tips on making salads, throw them at us and share your links!
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    yummmmm, if it weren't snowing here I would love a salad! x

  • haha I'm in the same situation! I just want soup and warm brownies all day 🙂

  • Jewel at Eat.Drink.Shop.Love

    Looks yummy!