{weekend note}

♫♪ Clown by Emeli Sandé
Last week was one whirlwind of a weekend. As you may have seen from the photos above and my instagram feed I was indulging, purely indulging myself in London. Though I didn’t do much of the touristy walks and meandering, I found it a bit relaxing to get away from my little bubble up here in Scotland. 
I recently found myself falling more and more in love with London. The busy lifestyle, the street style, the diverse community, the double life people lead as they work and pursue their hobbies. I’ve found my life here to be a bit of the change obviously. From work to school. I desire and crave what London has to offer, which is a blank canvas. I used to say, people make places. But do they? What if you don’t meet the right people or don’t fit in? I may have to change what I {used to} believe and tell you that one should paint their own city. Sounds a bit too utopian and poetic and I apologize for that, but lets descend from the abstract clouds and get real…
A city should be built by you and only you. The world is your oyster, afterall. I want to live in a place where I can pursue my career and personal goals. I want a place that supports and adds to my interests. Time and again, with my frequent moves these last few years, I failed to make a place truly my own and rather let the city dictate me. London allows you to manipulate it in ways where the square will actually fit in the circle. 
I know I’m always a bit progressive with these {weekend notes}. My friends, I think I’m in transition of becoming a real, mature adult. This now opens up a whole new can of worms of how I’m a bit stressed as to how fast my life is moving along… next week? Yes.
I’m spending the weekend wrapping up Easter holiday and getting back into the routine of class + assignments. I can’t believe this semester is almost coming to an end! And what are your plans? 
Well, until Monday, my lovlies. 
{all images by c&é with iPhone}
  • Brandy Saldana

    lovely post! always enjoy seeing what you are up to! (so much so that i have added you on instagram and twitter to stay updated lol) enjoy your weekend!


    P.S. Since google reader might be going down I am following you on Bloglovin now. Come by and follow me too;)