bit of life : about the time

{all photos taken by c&é of St. Andrews, Scotland}

I can’t believe what’s happening now. It’s already April and my time here has been flashing by me. At a rate I can’t even control. It’s been a great time, but I want to slow down… just a bit. So I can savor every moment. 

Yesterday, right before I dozed off to sleep [usually I do my best thinking right before] I thought about all that I’ve done so far. So far in my life. What great experiences I’ve had and I get to share all my experiences through stories, jokes, narratives, in any way really, with my children. My heart felt heavy from all that I was thinking about…
about the time I went to the Wadi Rum and camped with the Bedouins. Sipping on tea, listening to the traditional oud and watching for shooting stars in the clear, clear sky. 
about the time I walked into my hostel in Granada and was welcomed by old backpacking friends and new. Starting a friendship as if it started ten years ago.
about the time I celebrated with the people of Barcelona down Las Ramblas after Barcelona defeated Manchester United in the Champions League.
about the time I took my first solo international flight and had to run from one terminal to the next in Paris to make my flight to Mumbai.
about the time I walked to work for the first time in Washington, DC. The feeling of accomplishment.
about the time I was sketchily snuck into Syria with a few stamps of countries that would have denied access. 
about the time I watched the sunset over the Taj Mahal and went back the next morning to watch the sunrise. 
about the time I had dinner with one of my best friends in Amman, Jordan who took me to a beautiful restaurant that overlooked the citadel. 
about the time I was stranded in Baltimore and had to share the only hotel room available with… a very attractive, super-polite guy that also attended my college.
about the time I participated in a dance off in Cordoba and won because I needed cash for my hostel since the banks were closed!

about the time a girl in Target came up to me and asked if I was Supal of chevrons & éclairs.

about the time I threw my dad a 50th birthday party right before I left for Scotland and cried during the toast.

I can go on forever… but I’ll spare you. What are some sweet, sweet memories you can think of?
  • Rosa M.

    amazing amazing photos. what a beautiful place.

  • Thank you so much! xx.

  • Ole-Morten

    Fatastck St. Andrews super photos. Will soon be bck at my home golfclub Crail

  • thank you! hope you get the beautiful weather! xx