recipe : strawberry-lime fizz


I remember when I was younger, my family and I would visit a grill house once-a-week to unwind. My brother and I played in the open courtyard as the live island music played, my parents caught up on all things that had happened that week, we enjoyed a great dinner together. Lately, I’v been finding myself missing my family again. I mean, I am living abroad, so I’m sure it comes with the territory. The next wave of assignments are due soon and my stress level has far surpassed my motivation levels and though I still have quite a bit to go I just want to see my family. So, I thought I would resort to reminiscing. Reminiscing about different moments and things from my childhood. In class, we have talked about all things that make up a nation-state and how people identify with them. Structures are one of those things that are items, statues, particular space or garden that helps people identify themselves and call that particular space that the structure is housed in, a home.

This strawberry-lime fizz takes me back to the live music, food and banter
my family and I so enjoyed once-a-week.


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  • Supes, this looks divine! I can’t wait for a perfect warm day to enjoy this treat! Hope all is well! xo

  • Supes, this looks divine! I can't wait for a perfect warm day to enjoy this treat! Hope all is well! xo

  • Definitely try it! It's so good to hear from you 🙂 xx