birthday countdown 2013 : a party banner

A birthday banner is compulsory for any birthday soiree. A little festive decor around a dessert table would really make the room and party light up. Unfortunately, I do not have these triangle letter pieces as printouts, but you can easily make your own on photoshop or the like if you’re more experienced or even draw it out.


{you will need}
scotch tape
some kind of pretty string, yarn or twine
your letters (my triangles were 4in. x 5in. x 5in.)
single hole puncher


{step one}
hole punch the corners of the triangles. Be sure not to punch too close to the edges or corner.
You dont want the hole to tear.

IMG_2596 IMG_2597

{step two}
Do not cut a long string, just tread each letter. If you’re making a “happy birthday” banner, start with the “h”, place the end of the thread into the hole on the left, wrap around the back, and bring the end towards you from the hole on the right.

IMG_2599 IMG_2600

{step three}
Continue to thread each letter until you are complete. Cut the ends and be sure to have about 6 inches to a foot of extra thread at the end. You will need it for hanging and tying.

IMG_2601 IMG_2602
{step four}
For the ends, you will want to tape it like the photo on the left. Place it diagonally down and tape down at least half an inch. For the rest of the letters in the middle, run a one-inch tape across the thread.