birthday countdown 2013 : spice-infused sangria

A ‘midnight in Madrid’ themed birthday party cannot happen with lots of sangria. I’ve made this spice-infused sangria before and it was such a hit! Since the tapas and paella have subtle flavors of spices and herbs, it marries well with each and every tapa and the paella I shared here! Of course if you’re not a red wine fan, you can always make another one of my favorites and that’s the Cava sangria of Catalonia, which you can find the recipe here. Scroll down below for the spice-infused sangria recipe!
IMG_2731 IMG_2735
IMG_2808 IMG_2803
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  • Jennifer

    Yum! Sounds delish! I make sangria all the time but never a spiced sangria. I can't wait to try it!