birthday countdown 2013 : the party playlist


I loved the music when I was in Spain. I did Indian classical dancing and I’ve heard Flamenco has lots of Indian classical elements in both dance and music. I was easily drawn to it. Actually, cool story. When I was backpacking through Spain, I spent a few night in Cordoba and realized I was running low on cash in a city without my ATM. I participated in a dance off that evening with a Flamenco dancer and won the 100 euro prize! The energy, attitude, and romance will get you in the mood. I put together a play list for the party. It’s a bit more energetic than what you may be used to for a dinner party, but just have it low enough to set the mood. You will truly enjoy it.

A Night in Madrid Playlist [on Spotify]
Popurri – Raya Real
Sevillanas – Raya Real
Andaluz – Chiquetete
Una Lagrima – Peret & Los Amaya
Cafe Siena – Armik
Mi Mundo – Armik
Estrellas – Armik
Besos – Armik
“Tango” Maria – Celedonio Romero
Jacaras – Jordi Savall, Gaspar Sanz, Temb
Catalan Folk Songs – Miguel Llobet, David Jaggs
Barrio Negro – Tomatito
Amanecer En El Campo – Tomatito
Porque To Lo Vales – Tomatito
Leyenda – Andres Segovia

* * *
If you’ve got any music suggestions, please leave them in the comments for everyone to see! More music the merrier, am I right?