birthday countdown 2013 : the sangria kit party favor

As a party favor for our Spanish themed birthday party, I thought a sangria kit would be appropriate! For the party, I plan on making an authentic sangria made of red wine so naturally I wanted to do something different for the party favor. For the favor, we’ll put together the ingredients for a simple sangria blanca or white wine sangria.

{to make one favor you will need}
350mL bottle of dry white wine
50mL bottle of Bacardi orange
sangria printout
linen dish towel
festive table napkin
2 apples


{step one}
Get a decorative basket, which can be found at thrift stores and craft stores. Be sure its tall/wide enough to fit the wine bottle. Remember, I am not using the average wine bottle size.


{step two}
Add the linen dish towel. These can be found for really reasonable price at Ikea in packs of three. This will elevate the items in the basket and it will prevent the fruits from getting bruised against a hard surface.

{step three}
Add a festive table napkin or fabric. This adds some nice color to your basket! Remember you want to be as colorful and vibrant as possible. I prefer getting fabric squares from JoAnn Fabrics.
{step four}
Add the booze! We’re giving your guests a sangria blanca kit, so give them a nice dry white wine. I prefer Chardonnay since your fruits and the orange rum will add citrus to the sangria. Then add the Bacardi orange. This size is the perfect amount for a 350mL bottle of wine.
{step five}
Add your fruits to the mix! I prefer to give a peach, lemon and two apples. Those are the best for the travel home. Make sure to get peaches that are not too ripened so your guests can wait a few days before making the sangria.
Finally, I didn’t add this in the photo but in the last minute I put together a little print out for your to add to the basket! You sangria blanca recipe card!

  • A sangria kit is such a great idea–especially because some people get confused when making it, even when it's so simple!