bit of life : a busy birthday in london & a warm thank you


As you all know I celebrated my birthday last week, a year comes and it has gone. This year has brought a whirlwind of emotions, stress, high points and all of the above. I may be thinking too much into this, but I think I’m ready to conquer my mid-20s. Establish myself as a professional, an adult, a woman and most importantly, a role model. My time in London was mostly professional with a sprinkling of joy with days packed with meetings, collaborations, projects and coffee dates, laughs and catching up with friends. With an escape from the norm, I’m glad to be back. Thought I would share a few photos of my tidbits of London, which included a trip to Borough Market, drinks off of the Buckingham Palace, a walk along Embankment, birthday celebrations topped with a cake and princess candles. And once again, thank you so incredibly much for the warmest of warm birthday wishes. 
From me to you, lots of love from my little virtual tree house here at c&é. 
  • so glad you got to enjoy a little time in London! Gorgeous photos.

  • I really would love you hear all the things you are getting in to! None of the miraculous things you are doing with your life come as a surprise to me, we are all going to see the great things you will do 🙂 Lovely photos also, I always appreciate looking at the world through your lens. I hope one day we can meet up in London together, I am sure you've already collected a couple of beautiful secret places we could visit.
    Hope your birthday and meetings we well, again, and I send all the best your way as you explore this next chapter in your life!