five essentials : organizing the closet

The reason why I’m sharing my close organization tips is because at the end of every school year [end of May] since I was in primary school, my mom would make me sit down with all my clothes and sort through everything. She hated clutter and I’ve inherited just that. Since then, I would open up my closet, take everything out, and after much sorting and goodbyes I would re-organize my closet. So here are my tips and please do share any of yours! 
Clear everything out of your closet and make piles of clothes, shoes, and accessories like belts and scarves. Sort everything in three different piles: keep, donate and trash. Be completely honest with yourself. If you can get through this step, you can definitely get through the rest. 
If you like to keep your shoe boxes, then label what is inside. Or invest in a quality shoe rack or plastic shoe boxes. The biggest mess arises when you dont have a clue what to wear and shoes tend to clutter that just because you can’t find what you may be looking for. 
Stick to essential pieces, when you are shopping and sorting. I like to have the following on hand: a pair of jeans, blazer, button down shirt, work-to-night blouse, trousers, dress, skirt, pair of heels and flats and a skinny belt.
Use hooks to hold your belts and scarves. Try to take complete advantage of your closet. Use the inner walls to hold the hooks.
Try to invest in quality hangers. Hangers with a rubber grip can be used for your skinny straps, silky dresses and all of the above. Also invest in either bottom barred hangers or something with clips to hold your skirts and pants.
Organizing a closet isn’t too hard, but you just need to find the time! Put together a playlist on Spotify and go at it. It’s what I’ll be doing this weekend.
  • These are great tips! I recently invested in ALL of one type of hanger ( I like the thin velvet-y ones) and it made a huge difference. My closet automatically looks more neat and I fit more!