five essentials : to relieving stress

It’s high time in class right now. Tests, quizzes, chapter briefs, readings. It’s all piling up and I thought a quick little post on how I keep it together with some sanity would be appropriate.

lay off the caffeine 
I know this is a big “not possible” for many of you. It was once for me too. Coffee, more than your average intake, can cause more stress and anxiety than normal. I usually have six to nine ounces of coffee in the morning then move to non-caffeinated herbal teas and water. Cold water will help cool your system and wake you back up, plus it’s a lot more healthy. The last thing you need is stress and getting sick all at once. 
Sometimes a bit of stress really pumps your adrenaline. Unfortunately, that high adrenaline can drive stress levels to the extreme. It’s best to burn it off on a quick run or spin class. Sometimes, even a thirty minute walk with your best friends can do the trick. Just keep yourself away from worrying about your work.
This goes hand-in-hand with the caffeine comment. It’s important to keep eating healthy and drinking lots of water. If I know I’m about to experience a really busy and rough week, I try to either make healthy meals in tupperware ahead of time or purchase a few pre-made healthy food.
Now, this only depends on the type of person you are. I tend to feel more productive and proud of myself when I make a list and cross tasks off of it. Making a list will not only make you more organized, but it will help you manage your time. 
I have a hard time focusing when I’m listening to music while studying. I try to give myself breaks and turn on some soothing music. My favorite artist to listen to is Norah Jones. Stick to something soothing and relaxing.
* * *
If you’ve got some great stress relieving habits, please share.
I could really use them right about now!