live to create : fringed streamer backdrop

So, I should have shared this during birthday countdown, but I ran out of time. Sort of wish my birthday was at the end of the month rather than the middle because my imagination hat was going crazy with ideas! This is just one example and the rest of the ideas I still had are now stored away for next year. I think fringed, festive backdrops are the perfect way of setting the mood for a party. I like the idea of designating a corner of the home as the “birthday corner” and this backdrop can really help pull that off. 
{you will need}
streamers or ribbons
painters tape
IMG_2713 IMG_2715
{step one} 
measure out streamers or ribbons to your desired length and fold them up. Tip: I like to have one strand as the ruler for all my ribbons so that they’re consistent.
IMG_2716 IMG_2718
{step two}
Cut barely to the center on both sides of the folded streamer with a centimeter or so space between each cut. You don’t have to be perfect on this, the more inconsistency the better the fringe.
IMG_2719 IMG_2722
{step three}
Rough up the streamers so they look like the bottom half in the left photo as opposed to the upper half. Then gently unfold so your streamer doesn’t tear and use painters tape to tape onto your wall or wherever you’re decorating.
* * *

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