five essentials : to a perfect blow out

And it’s Monday, friends. Most Monday’s I tend to be really active and ready to take on the new week, but recently it’s been harder and harder. Probably because I know exactly what the week entails and I may not be looking forward to it or the fact that it’s dissertation time and I know I don’t have any class assignments, deadlines or obligations. Today, I thought I’d share my tips on the perfect blow out. I don’t have to straighten my hair [and I think the weather is really playing a role in that]. Most of my peers have asked about my styling tips so here you have it. 
leave-in conditioner
Before blow drying your hair, always use leave-in conditioner and/or detangling syrum. This will make it easier for you to brush your hair when your running the blow dryer. Be sure to use an appropriate amount. You should use more of the serum if you have long, thick hair than short, thin hair.
round brush
I like to use a round, bristled brush. It helps set every hair strand and is perfect for thick hair. It also makes hair look more natural when you’re brushing it. 
a quality hairdryer with a cap
A quality hair dryer is a true investment if you blow dryer your hair most days. You don’t want to burn or damage your hair. Instead of using the regular flat end of the hair dryer, which can give off too much heat, use a cap. This will protect your hair from the heat by keeping a distance from the main heat source.
cold air
With a quality blow dryer comes a cold air option. This will help with taming flyaways as well as protecting your hair. The cold air will also strengthen your hair so it break off when you’re brushing it.
I use a mixture of argan and Moroccan oil right after I’ve blow dried my hair to bring some shine and make it look silky. This will also bring down any puffiness and really enhance the natural waves.
* * *
Any tips or even products you use? Link them up in the comments!
  • Sbt

    Recently fallen in love with some lavendar scented detangler I found in (surprise) Whole Foods! Gives a nice shine plus detangles my tresses!

  • That sounds lovely! Must need to try it! Is it a Nourish product?