five essentials : you may not know about me

I thought it would be fun to change things up a bit for the {five essentials} posts. Usually I aim to be informative and useful, but today I’m feeling a bit… personal. I hope you don’t mind. So, here it goes. Nothing too dramatic, just me.
I get easily amused and inspired by characters and depicted lifestyles on television shows and in novels. I’ve actually never shared this with anyone as I just recently became aware of it. I try to copy the banter of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, the bravery of Jane Eyre and the quick wit and decision making of Harvey Spektor from Suits. In the end, I just end up being myself, but inspired.
I can never get to sleep without reading. I have to open a book before heading to bed for some indescribable reason. I will read a paragraph if I need to, but just need to calm myself down with a little reading before laying my head on the pillow and shutting my eyes. I consider this a good quality to have actually, so I’m hoping to meet someone very much similar {and highly opposed to television right before bed}. I get this from my mother, naturally. 
I am overwhelmingly sensitive. My personality may seem driven, headstrong, and at times agressive. I am emotional and can be easily hurt. I believe the quality of this trait obviously is contrary to the one above. As in, not a good one to have. Throughout the years I have developed a thick skin, but I often let past events haunt me. 
I’m the most organized person I know. There is something about uniformity and preciseness that I find attractive. I have a planner that I follow and keep up with. I tend to put together a daily schedule on a day-to-day basis, and even leave room for interruptions. Don’t even get me started on closets… 
What I find very ironic is that I’m a lifestyle blogger. Someone who tends to blog about food, design, fashion and the sorts. Many of my closest friends have commented on how my virtual life is so much more feminine or “girly” than my actual personality. Just to give you an example, I specialize in the strategic consequences and political risks of oil development in the Middle East and Central Asia, which is a very male-dominated environment. Not very lifestyle-blog friendly, huh?

* * *
Since I shared five essentials about me, I would absolutely love to hear five essentials about you… or rather any number of essentials?
  • Thank you so much Jen and Kelly! I'll be sure to stop by Fashionably Festive. So sweet of you two xx

  • Ah! I love when bloggers reveal bits of themselves! I think it brings more closure if you do from time to time talk about yourself… Like you I have to read before I fall asleep. I am against TV in the bedroom. I am also very sensitive, although I have learned with years to thicken my skin. I am also a fast learner, as long as I have decided to do something, then nothing can stop me! Plus, there is nothing wrong with being girly and a bit manly! It's boring to just be of one trait I think…

  • Ana

    You like “Suits”! Between that, “The Newsroom,” and rewatching “The Good Wife,” that's my summer line-up.
    On a less superficial note, I am with your other commenters & love it when bloggers reveal behind the curtain, if you will. I also found myself relating on several points. As a reader, I understand the need to read prior to slumber… Surprisingly, as of late, I found Homer's “The Odyssey” to be a shockingly good pre-bed read; granted, I'm working my way ever so slowly through it, the story-telling is enjoyable is teaspoon-like doses.
    I can also relate to loving both the poetry of the world and the mechanics of it. I was floored by your job description, but understand the balance. For myself, I realize it's quirky to be a political science and English major, who's work experience up until this summer has been primarily all aspects of childcare but was offset by aforementioned summer by interning (and oddly enough enjoying) an account-reconcillation job. I enjoy reading “The Economist” as much as I enjoy “Vanity Fair.” However, my life's aspiration (and maybe you can in turn relate) is to be a Renaissance (wo)Man… I love philosophy as much as I love paradoxes, and human beings are just incredible.
    Perhaps, though, this brings about a not so proud characteristic of my own: I have little patience (or better yet, grace) when it comes to humoring the mendacious in others; I value being true to yourself and who you are… any how, stepping off my soapbox.
    Well, there are a few of my essentials… that, and I'm unapologetically verbose. Add in a love for coffee, all art except modernism, all music except country, a love for God, family, & country, and that's essential me. (:
    Happy Writing!

  • Thank you so much, Ana! This is such an incredible comment! I just sent you an email 🙂 xx