recipe : soy-ginger salmon with citrus-herbed quinoa and asparagus

Scrolling back to old posts made me quite nostalgic the other day as I observed all the excitement, enthusiasm and worry in the tone of my writing before heading out to St. Andrews. I then continued to read posts while I was here, namely the {weekend notes}. It may have seemed that I was so unhappy, but in reality, I was being stretched thin. That’s part of the process. The process of grad school. The process of life. It has been a joyful experience overall, but I noticed one thing in particular. I grew. I observed growth in my specialization, writing, personality, my demeanor. Becoming an adult is scary business.
There is a reason as to why I established this theme of growth and that is I grew in so many different ways. I matured emotionally. I matured professionally. I’ve started to make decisions on my own with only an ounce of guidance. I may make mistakes, but that’s the process I was talking about. In life. One way I grew was culinarily. I became daring. Risk taking. I’ve translated all that I learned in the classroom, to stretch yourself in uncomfortable positions, and applied it in the kitchen. I started playing with ingredients and techniques and with trial-and-error, I’ve grown.
With that said, I’ve also noticed that I made cooking my culture. Can cooking being a culture? To me culture is when an accumulation of experiences socially transmits into a type of behavior. I’ve deduced that I want to build my future, my family around cooking, sharing food and understanding the art of gastronomy. Food is a universal language that has brought the most distinct cultures housed in my dorm together. I want to be able to share this unique experience through a culinary adventure with my children one day. That is all.
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  • Meghen Matta

    Sharing your food with only your children?
    What about the world!
    Thoughts on that culinary school acceptance? Your restaurant would not only be fabulous and beautiful, but delicious! I'd hitch any plane to be there 🙂

    It has been so nice to see you (corny) grow into a woman over this past year, a woman I aspire to be like someday as well. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us on your blog!

  • oh i'm so glad! I enjoy cooking, but couldn't make it into a career. And it's so nice to hear that I'm inspiring. So much hard work goes into this blog, but I only do it because all my readers are so enthusiastic and thus inspiring as well! Thank you, Meghen 🙂