recipe : watermelon-grapefruit agua fresca

I has been surprisingly warm here in St. Andrews these last several days. When I say warm, please take that with a grain of salt. After living in Florida last summer, I’ve been spoiled with the availability of all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. It has got to be the one thing that I miss being out here. There is just no experience like biting into a juicy, ruby red florida grapefruit on a hot summer day. Whenever I miss home, I try to overcome that angst with food. Not just mindless eating, but cooking things that transports me back home. This aqua fresca is just that. Citrusy, cold, sweet and delicate. Perfect for a summer day. So cheers to the tropical weather of Florida that births some of my favorite fruits of the season!
Is there any food that reminds you of home that you often replicate?
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