the joy of : instant moments

Since being in Scotland alone can be a bit daunting when it comes to finding someone to take photos of your outfit, I’ve decided to “contract” a few of my friends to take some photographs in exchange for sweets and baked goods. Their first reactions are always the same, such a powerful camera. And they enjoy taking the photos and capturing not just photos, but moments and memories. I’ve found myself carrying a camera and a little black book and pen everywhere I go to document each and every moment. This is also exemplified by my overflowing instagram feed. I find capturing the cadence of life to be meaningful as a few months, years and a decade from now I will truly cherish it. Cherish every little detail captured and every little detail written down.
I have learned from my photos, particularly my instagram photos, I have grown as a cook. Someone who wasn’t an adventure seeker in the kitchen has learned to take risks. Risks that have helped me become confident, not only in the kitchen, but also in everyday life. Photos are more than memories and moments, they come together as a timeline. 
Keep capturing. 
It’s like freezing a moment and tucking it away until you miss those memories.

  • What a lovely perspective on photography, especially that last statement. I'm always guilty of taking WAYYY too many photos – people even commented on it when I came to St Andrews and saw my hundreds of Facebook posts! At home, I have enough albums and scrapbooks to fill a good quarter of my closet's storage space! I always enjoy looking back in order to trigger memories and to see just how much my family, friends and I have changed throughout the years. It's such a joy to have tangible evidence of life-changing movements in time.

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