recipe : orange-honey almond cake

orange-honey almond cake via chevrons & éclairsorange-honey almond cake via chevrons & éclairsorange-honey almond cake via chevrons & éclairs
One thing I held myself back from this year, until recently, was cake. The sweet, soft, delectable collection of all things baked goods is quite the commodity in Scotland and the UK in general. My friend, Lizzie, in particular has been exposing me to the spongeful goodness with an assortments of tea. I can’t believe I withheld for this long to be honest.The last several months I’ve been frequenting coffee shops around town to sample all types of scones, cakes, pastries. It has been quite the treat to enjoy such a unique marriage of flavors that some of us, as Americans, are not exposed to. It’s the way of life here that I find so relaxing. Simple pleasures are instilled in everyday life. This is something I was never really exposed to possibly because where I come from we are striving to live the dream rather than actually living in it. It reminds me of a poem I recently read entitled The Lady of Shallot, where there is a constant battle for artists who write about life rather than actually live life.

We should live life for once because it’s beautiful.
Stop striving because the road to utopia is quite an adventure that you don’t want to miss.

Speaking of tea and cake, have you seen my post on my favorite cafes in St. Andrews?

{note} this recipe is adapted from Bellau Kitchen.
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