recipe : watermelon salad with mint vinaigrette

watermelon salad with mint vinaigrette via chevrons & éclairsOver the weekend I spent some time in the Orkney Islands. It was cold, damp, but beautiful. It was the most northern point of the world I have ever visited, and was it a treat. Though grey and gloomy, there is something special about a place that just emancipates you from everyday life. It made me appreciate the weather in my little box of St. Andrews. Orkney made St. Andrews feel like the tropics. Sunny, bright, beautiful and warm. Very warm.

The, what felt like, tundra made me miss citrus and juice. Watermelon does the trick for me usually and of course a bit of cold cucumber. As you already know, I don’t cook without some sort of herb. Mint, watermelon, cucumber is the perfect amalgam of ingredients that call for warm summer days.

The recipe calls for mint sauce. If you don’t have any on hand, use this recipe!
And this watermelon-mint granita is another one of my favorite summer recipes.

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