the joy of : photographers captured

My time here in Scotland has been going by unbelievably fast.  And as much as I’m itching to get back to my routine, I’m also trying to hold onto every moment I have here. I know once I’m working again I won’t have the luxury of walking around a park and enjoying the scenic wonders of St. Andrews so I’ve been trying to capture as much as I can through my little lenses. 
* * *
If you care to see some glimpses of the beauties of Scotland, you can follow me on instagram if you don’t already! I’ve been so thankful for my iPhone as it can capture the most intimate moments in a second.

  • Jen @ Cuddles and Chaos

    These photos are gorgeous! Love that sequin strap!

  • McKenna Lou Ryan

    I love that camera strap! I have been wanting to experiment and make one but that is too perfect! xx. McKenna Lou

  • Hannah

    Obsessed with that camera strap! Need it in my life!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  • isn't it beautiful?! I want one too. xx

  • oh please let me know if you do make one/share it on your blog! xx

  • Could that strap be any more pretty! I love these photos and when the photographers become the photographed


  • I know, it's perfect! xx.