vogue : structure

structured via chevrons & éclairsstructured via chevrons & éclairsstructured via chevrons & éclairsstructured via chevrons & éclairsstructured via chevrons & éclairs

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I’ve always been a person of structure. Timetables, agendas, organization. It defines me and thus keeps me at ease. My personality exudes goal-motivated. Though recently I’ve wanted to escape that norm just a bit and try something spontaneous. Something that makes me stress a bit, but a good stress. You know what I mean? It’s like one of those romantic comedies where the guy and girl are complete opposites and a little happy chaos that forces the structured one to step out of his/her world. There is something romantic about that. That escape where the stress turns into a euphoria.

My days have been what I want it to be recently. I have one goal: finish dissertation. The rest is up to me. The semesters were set with morning gym sessions, class, seminar, work, and the next thing I know, the day is over. Repeat again and again. This summer, I’ve decided I need to step away from that norm. Try to bend myself into something a bit more uncomfortable, yet healthy. From this came the germination of closer friendships, unique experiences, and lots of great memories.

So, if you’re like me. The one with the perfect agenda, the one with goal-oriented to do’s, the one focused on the light at the end of the tunnel-place that agenda in the bottom drawer of your desk. Turn around and walk away from that tunnel and look at everything you have missed.

  • Love the photos; that color looks amazing on you! And the advice is wonderful too… Something I definitely need to work on as well.

  • Love the photos… And the advice. <3