recipe : red lentil with coconut and sweet potato soup with avocado-mint salad

sweet potato-lentil soup & mint-avocado salad via chevrons & éclairssweet potato-lentil soup & mint-avocado salad via chevrons & éclairsIMG_6495sweet potato-lentil soup & mint-avocado salad via chevrons & éclairsI’ve mentioned before that since moving to Scotland and starting university at a very multi-cultural school, I’ve grown as a chef. My techniques, ingredient lexicon and courage in the kitchen has taken on a new form. Although I will miss that, I will especially miss the days we cooked a dish together. A comfort food. Shared it. Sat there. Enjoyed it. Laughed together. Dinner is the time of the day where we all convene from our little, productive corners of St. Andrews and share this moment together.This soup is especially dear to me. One of my friends, Caroline, made this soup in the midst of essay writing when her mother came to visit and shared it with a few of us. It was not only nice to have a motherly hand involved with our dinner, but its the density of the lentils, sweetness of the potato and the creaminess of the coconut that brought this dish to life. The simplest ingredients, really.

Caroline made this soup again about a month later when we were just in the beginning stages of dissertation writing. A time when we took entire evenings off. The same four girls came together at the dinner table and shared laughs, enjoyed the company accompanied by endless bowls of soups.

This recipe is dedicated to all of my friends here at St. Andrews, but in particular the girls I shared this very meal with. Thank you Caroline for such a beautiful meal and it’s always lovely to have Lizzie and Tania.

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