vogue : thank you

{dress} ann taylor
{flats} steve madden
{cardigan} banana republic
As you probably have seen on Facebook, Twitter and the like, I’m nearing the end of a chapter. The chapter that is St. Andrews. It’s a bit of a strange feeling as I have been saying my goodbyes and see you laters for a few months now, but now it feels real. Especially after Lizzie left. You know Lizzie from all my cake-related instagrams and posts. She is the girl behind the camera of most of the outfit photos. What you don’t know is that she was my rock.
As my friend, Nat, and I were reflecting on friendships and this year, he shared that one year is enough to become close to someone, yet not close enough. It’s true, however, I’m one of the very few who never ventured back home or had my family visit St. Andrews. I was forced to create a family of my own. Find someone, or a few, that cared and loved and held on. It’s hard to find those people, but there are a few out there. That is where Lizzie fits in. 
Just wanted to dedicate this post to her. To thank her for all that she put up with. My anger, my sadness, my frustration, my {at times} terrible humor, my continuous worry about eating too many carbs, my superfluous daily outfit changes. Most of all, she has been a true supporter and a giver. Supporter of c&é and giving her talents wherever she could. A blog like this is actually only capable when run by two people. I may be the face of it, but there is always that working body in the back that does the hard work…
So thank you Lizzie for all that you have done. Putting aside time to assist me in something that has become truly exceptional over the last several months because of you. This final outfit shoot {in St. Andrews} is completely dedicated to you. I could not have found a better best friend. My deepest wishes go out to you as you start your next chapter in Barcelona. -Supes

  • This was so sweet. I love that you found a solid friend while you were there. That’s such a rare thing.

  • This was so sweet. I love that you found a solid friend while you were there. That's such a rare thing.

  • I am absolutely lucky 🙂 x

  • So sweet! Much love, Lizzie! <3

  • So sweet! Much love, Lizzie! <3