vogue : the power of green


{dress} Naven via Shopbop
{bracelet} Vintage
{shoes} Steve Madden

A few weeks ago I had gotten sick. Something I am not quite over yet completely, but it made me realize how delicate our bodies are. If you haven’t probably noticed, I’m someone who pushes myself to the extreme. Although I eat healthy and don’t have any terrible body-harming habit, I push myself physically. Gym in the mornings, yoga in the evenings, dance in between, and the stresses of a blog and graduate school all on one self. It’s time for a break. My body forced me to stay in bed for a week, and it made me thankful knowing that I had the capacity to fight back the infection and heal. Though the little pain that still revisits when I go to push myself a little harder like I used it, often reminds me to slow down. Don’t worry, it will soon subside.

I wore this dress the day after I broke my last fever and even though I was extremely weak, the dress had such an affect on me. The vibrant green, sexy lines, and furious flow made me feel powerful.
It’s just one of those dresses.

  • Sarah Beth

    Glad to hear you're feeling better – just a little longer. I promise writing will be over before you realize it!

  • Joy | Frock Files

    That, my friend, is a gorgeous gown. I love the way it flows! Glad you're back on your feet. And your exercise routine is inspiring. xo

  • This dress is absolutely beautiful on you. The way it flows down the stairs… Just wow! So happy you're on your way to a full recovery. Good luck with the rest of your writing; can't wait to see you in Florida soon! xx 🙂

  • Pretty girl! Hope you feel better, soon. You wore this the day after you broke your fever?? WOW! Can't tell, you look amazing.

  • yup, just a bit longer… but I'm actually enjoying the process! xx

  • haha it's inspiring, but oh so damning on my body! xx

  • Can't wait to see YOU!! xx

  • haha thank you so much! My fatigue doesn't show in the photos… but you should have seen me post shoot 🙂 xx

  • Designwali

    so pretty!

  • thank you, thank you!! xx

  • Tanvi

    You look stunning. That's a fabulous color on you!

  • You are the sweetest, Tanvi! xx