design : mr. c&é

With change in my personal life coming soon as a result of this beautiful moment, I’ve been seeking inspiration to bring a similar change to c&é. I’ve had off and on conversations with one of my friends who is quite keen to help me bring a little masculine touch to this world of mine. This gilded world of femininity. Like in my everyday life, I like a good challenge. 
This post is just a little teaser to what will be coming to c&é soon. Working on collaborations and projects to bring you a unique perspective. A masculine touch. 
A special feature soon to be labeled, mr. c&é. 
  • Suzanne S.

    You pick some beautiful inspirational pictures! I love getting ideas to incorporate into my own home 🙂
    Suzanne from

  • So beautiful! Love the combination of gray and camel. Excited to see what comes to life!

  • Katie Appleyard

    Love the picture of the snowy balconies!

    Apple Lifestyle

  • thank you, suzanne! x

  • I especially love that combination! x

  • isn't it perfect against the deeper colors? x