recipe : chai-spiced port poached pears

IMG_2689IMG_2673IMG_2669IMG_2681IMG_2666IMG_2688Since being back home, it has been such a treat to cook with my family again. The four of us are seamless in the kitchen. One is chopping, while the other is prepping, another starting the cooking and the final one directs and cleans. We all have our roles. The absolute cadence of all four of us cooking is something I will always cherish as we know that without one, there is a natural disruption that manipulates the ripple.

I found coming home to be a whole new experience since last I was here. Being away for so long made me appreciate what I have here. Not only a roof, a set of parents, a loving younger brother, but love and kindness and warmth. Hugging my brother and giving my father a peck on the cheek and holding onto my mother’s hand-they will always be so dear to me.

We have a hard time appreciating the people who are with us the entire time. Don’t we? We fight and argue. We laugh and play. We care and love. It’s like a familial version of the three wise monkeys.

* * *

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