recipe : indian-spiced vegetable cutlets with coriander-chili chutney

I mentioned over and over and over again that I have such a sweet, supportive family. A family that shares laughs and smiles and tears of joy. My parents and my brother have taken a keen interest in my blog as the first year went by, and as I sit here in year two of c&é, they take nothing but pride in what I’ve accomplished so far and love that I include them in the process. It’s like a little family project.When I moved back from St. Andrews, the transition has been a bit tough for me. Yes, emotionally it is tough as I miss my friends and my what-felt-like the glamorous British lifestyle. Though what has been more strenuous is that I have been busy with projects. Personal projects, blog projects, career things. Days start usually around 5:30 in the morning and run late into the night. It’s safe to say that I haven’t gotten much of a break aside from the day after I arrived home. I feel as if there isn’t enough time in a day or that I’m not being productive enough. This is when my parents’ support for my blog shows…

I was a tad concerned about the recipe this week. I did not have the time to draft something that I was happy with. My parents, as incredible as they are, took the initiative to come up with a recipe! I took this photo while I was doing some reading the other day, when they were working on the recipe together. Today’s recipe, is a gift from our kitchen to yours wherever you are.

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