vogue : from work to an evening out

The only thing on my mind lately has been my future. A scary thought really. Not only am I now starting a career completely different from what I had initially prepared for and even imagined, but I am moving, starting a new chapter in my life, slowing down my nomad-like life. I’ve taken a break from looking at offers, contracts and the like to peruse through the virtual catwalk and search for work-to-evening outfit inspiration. Something that can be dressed up as formal during the day, but can be seamlessly transitioned into a smart casual evening outfit. For those of you who are experts at this, please share your secrets!
{charcuterie and martini with a bestie, dinner with the boyfriend, happy hour with co-workers}
{these two posts from the archives of c&é may also be helpful}
  • nancy @ adore to adorn

    I'm with you on how you feel. “THE FUTURE” has been on my mind lately too and it's something I fear but am also excited for. I cant' say what it will bring but I have to go into it positively or else I might fall apart!



  • I'm in the same boat. So excited! Glad I'm not going through it alone! xx

  • Katie Appleyard

    These photos gave me joy! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Deepti

    Love the look and feel of your blog! This is a really well written post.

    Check out my blog and follow if you like 🙂


    Deepti x

  • I'm so glad! Very pin-able I know 🙂

  • Thank you so much, Deepti! Look forward to checking yours out 🙂 x